7 OTHER Ways a GRIFFIN POCKET TOOL could save the day!

December 27, 2021

7 OTHER Ways a GRIFFIN POCKET TOOL could save the day!
 7 OTHER Ways a GRIFFIN POCKET TOOL could save the day!

1.) Ferro Rod Striker:

The Stainless Steel Griffin Pocket Tools are great ways to strike that firesteel to help get a fire started in a pinch. The 90 degree angles and strong stainless steel can remove enough ferrocerium from a good ferro rod to get the sparks flying! 

2.) Campfire Pot Hook:

Water is pretty important but no one wants to drink water unless we are sure it is a safe. Fill up a metal cup and drop it the fire and let the boiling temps kill off that bad bacteria! Now comes the hard part, getting the cup out of the fire. Well you can  rest assured because you can safely remove that hot cup of boiling water with the bottle opener feature on the Griffin Pocket Tool®

(Photo/Idea courtesy of @bushcraftkelso)

3.) Cordage Quick Knot:

Tying knots can be time consuming and difficult if you don't know what you're doing. Save a couple steps and tie a line to the 5/16" wrench hole at the top of your Griffin Pocket Tool® Mini , wrap your line around a tree, pull it through the opening in our pocket clip and pull the line tight and you are all set up to have a quick taught line!

4.) Hot Lid Lifter:

Have you ever had a scorching hot metal lid you didn't have anything handy to pick it up with. Instead of using your shirt or a stick, grab your Griffin Pocket Tool® and slide the lid into the pocket clip area and lift! Works great on turkey fryer lids! Think about that next Thanksgiving!

(Photo/Idea courtesy of @thesupremereader)

5.) Paracord Loop:

If you like always knowing you always have 8-10' of 550 cord handy and want to add 12+ tools as icing to that cake then ditch the plastic buckle and use a Griffin Pocket Tool® Mini  

(Photo/Idea courtesy of Unknown)

6.) Bow Drill Bearing Block:
If you find yourself saying "What the heck is a bow drill) then this hack may not be for you. BUT if you have made primitive fire before then you know the bearing block is key to a successful ember. Once you have your kit ready, grab your spindle and slim it down to fit inside the 5/16" hole at the top of your Griffin Pocket Tool®, grab the remaining part of the tool and get to bearing and spinning!

(Photo/Idea courtesy of @bushcraftkelso)

7.) Primitive Trap Trigger: 

Just Google Deadfall Trap and you'll know what I mean I say Primitive Trap Trigger. Hopefully you never have to actually use your Griffin Pocket Tool® for this but snap some photos when you do and send them our way! 

(Idea courtesy of @pathfindersurvival)

If you'd like to submit a different use for your Griffin Pocket Tool® email: info@griffinpockettool.com There may just be a reward waiting for you!

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