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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Griffin Pocket Tools TSA compliant?

Yes. Any tool under 7" without a sharpened edge can be carried on board the plane.


Do you offer military or emergency services discounts?

Of course we do! Send an email to with your information and we will respond back shortly.


What is the 'Griffin Shipping Guarantee'?

We guarantee that all orders for in-stock, non-custom items will ship within 24 hours or we will refund you your shipping costs. This guarantee does not include weekends, holidays or if otherwise notified.


I would like to purchase a custom Griffin Pocket Tool® how do I do that?

Order Here 

Find the option for Custom. Once you have placed the order please send an email to referencing "Custom Order" with your order number. If you have a specific file or design please include that with the email.


How is the Griffin Pocket Tool® made?

Each tool is now EDM wire cut and then the Scoring Tool, Pry Tool, and outside edges are CNC milled.


Where is the Griffin Pocket Tool® manufactured?

The Griffin Pocket Tool® was designed in the US and is currently produced over-seas. Once the Griffins are cut and milled they are sent to the US where they are cleaned, finished and packaged.



Delivery time depends on which shipping method selected.

Standard Shipping - First Class USPS | Usually 2-7 Business Days

Expedited Shipping - Priority USPS | Usually 1-3 Business Days

Priority Express Shipping - USPS Express | Usually 1 Business Day
International shipping depends on the country and method you choose. We will ship to most countries.

Return Policy:

Every Griffin Pocket Tool® comes with a 30-day return policy. If you are unhappy with the product for whatever reason and it is still in new/unused condition you are welcome to return the product for a full refund or exchange. After 30 days, we will warranty the product for the life of the tool.
Email: for an RMA number.