About us

The Griffin Pocket Tool began as a necessity. I knew I wanted to create something that could take the place of the load-bearing carabiner I wore on my belt loop. That thing was jam-packed with car keys, bottle opens, pry tools and other multi-tools for years. Through high school and college, I was nicknamed the “janitor” only because you could hear me a mile away.


After a year of taking my ideas back to the drawing board, I finally had it! The first GPT was ready. I decided to embark on this journey and opted to leave my comfortable management position from one of the top outdoor recreation companies in Atlanta and launch a Kickstarter. Ohh and my wife was 7 months pregnant with our first daughter, we had recently purchased our first home and I had no experience starting a business. You can imagine the fear. Jumping headfirst, we launched in April 2015 and by May we exceeded our goal of $3,000 by 1200%! The story continues to this day with a second successful Kickstarter for our GPT XL and several new tools on the horizon such as the Griffin Adventure Tool and Griffin Rescue Tool all coming in 2020.


We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, and that differentiates us from other tools in our industry. Our Lifetime Warranty just backs up that dedication to quality! We like to use the phrase, ’Think Outside the Toolbox’ because our goal is to make the most rugged and useful multitool that fits on your keychain. We want to make the very best companion tool for those who travel the world or those who need that extra convenience in their everyday lives. I like to find ways to improve my favorite things and look for gaps in the market.


Over the years, I have purposely used my GPT in every way imaginable, but every single day I use my Griffin keep my keys safe and hook them on my belt loop.


-Casey Deming


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